The stunning landscape of The Green is deserving of protection, as is your investment in your property at The Green. Therefore, you need confidence that your neighbours share this vision of a high quality residential development while also protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

The character of The Green will in a large part be defined by the way in which houses and gardens are developed particularly in relation to one another and with respect to the public spaces.

Enhancing a sense of community while maximising sun, views, and privacy for all residents are elements that have been central to the design of The Green and considered through the contour of the land, the build zones, and the maximum height criteria. Homes at The Green will be made up of a diverse range of styles from traditional to modern designs, no single style is promoted as preferential. A key component of creating a high quality built environment is to limit the development to an appropriate and coordinated palette of materials and colours in keeping with the setting, this is echoed in the consistency of landscaping provided by the Developer.

Approved Building and Landscape Plans’ from The Greenkeepers Design Committee are required prior to commencement of any construction or landscaping as well as future external additions or renovations so please ensure your architect/designer and builder are familiar with the Restrictive Land Covenants and other supporting information including The Green’s Resource Consent, which may be updated as the development progresses.

The co-ordinated palette of colours and materials permitted at The Green are:

Cladding Materials

  • Bagged Brick
  • Plaster
  • Natural or Painted Timber
  • Natural Local Rock
  • Metal Tray Profile Steel
  • Block Masonry
  • Concrete

Exterior Colours

A naturally recessive palette of black,
browns, greys, and greens is preferred.

Roofing materials

  • Steel / Zinc
  • Timber
  • Slate

Overall the dwelling and landscaping will be assessed for:

  • Enhancing the character of The Green
  • Maximising the sun, privacy, and views for every landowner
  • Harmony with the natural surroundings
  • Consideration of measures to increase energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce environmental impact and waste
  • Compliance with the Restrictive Land Covenants